Part No. 07160


  • Bale type: small square and round
  • Multi-sensor technology takes readings from the left, right and middle of the bale for greater overall accuracy
  • Average of readings updated and displayed every 3 seconds
  • Large, illuminated LCD display and keypad for easy viewing during day or night
  • ± Moisture offset adjustments
  • Adjustable high/ low limit of moisture reading
  • Firmware/calibration curves upgradable via standard USB


  • Moisture range: 8% to 30% depending on baler type use
  • Accurate throughout the normal range of stored hay
  • Display resolution: 0.1% moisture


  • Display module
  • 10 ft. power cable
  • Two sensor pads
  • Two 35 ft. sensor cables
  • Twelve sensor cable ties
  • Mounting Hardware
  • USB Cable
  • Installation instructions


BHT-2 Sensor Pad – Part No. 06063
35 ft. Sensor Cable – Part No. 06064
10 ft. Power Cable – Part No. 06066
5 ft. USB Cable – Part No. 06067
BHT-2 Sensor Pad Kit – Part No. 07161

  • 2 pads with hardware
  • 2 – 35 ft. sensor cables

Manual | Product SheetWhere to Mount

Baler Moisture Tester Update Software

  1. You will know if you need to update your BHT-2 if the unit displays anything lower than U 1.3 upon power up.
  2. Download the BHT-2 software update from the link above.
  3. Unzip and install the update by running the setup.exe file. Once installed, an AgraTronix icon will appear on your desktop.
  4. Double-click the icon to run the update program.
  5. Connect the BHT-2 to the supplied USB cable and then to your computer.
  6. Once the program recognizes the BHT-2 tester the program will display device attached.
  7. Now in the program, click the open hex file button and select the file “Baler_V_1_3.Hex”.
  8. Click on the program/verify button to begin the updating process.
  9. Once the programming is complete, the program will display that the update was successful.
  10. You can now remove the USB cable.
  11. On power up the BHT-2 unit should now display U 1.3. The unit is updated.

NOTE: If you have any errors running the update program you may need to install “.NET” on your computer. This is a safe program to install and is free from Microsoft: Microsoft .NET Framework