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Why Test Hay & Grain Moisture?

According to agricultural nutrition experts, the single most important factor influencing the quality of grain, hay and silage is moisture. Moisture management is a continuous process that requires the appropriate measuring tools. Protect your investment by testing moisture content before, during and after the season accurately and quickly using AgraTronix Moisture Testers.

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30100 AG-MACAG-MAC PLUS Grain Moisture Tester



Grain Moisture Tester

The Most Accurate Unit
on the Market

Part No. 30100

HT-PRO™ Portable Hay Moisture Tester New 10 in. Version

HT-PRO Portable Hay Moisture Tester with
Calibration Clip

20 in. Probe - Part No. 07120
10 in. Probe - Part No. 07121
DHT-1™ Portable Hay Moisture Tester

DHT-1 Portable
Hay Moisture Tester

With 18" Probe - Part No. 07100
With 24" Probe - Part No. 07101
With 32" Probe - Part No. 07102

Soil Compaction Tester

Part No. 08180

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