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AgraTronix Specializes in Producing Reliable Digital Moisture Meters and Electric Fence Chargers Used in the Agricultural Industry


Electronic Moisture Testers: 

AgraTronix is the leading manufacturer-supplier of digital hay, grain and wood moisture sensing instrumentation. AgraTronix private labels their products for every major tractor, combine and baler company in the world. Always incorporating the latest technology, AgraTronix offers a wide range of high-quality, competitively-priced products and is renowned world-wide as the industry standard for grain, hay and wood moisture testers. Read More

Electric Fencing Equipment: 

AgraTronix is the premier manufacturer-supplier of Power Wizard Shock Technology plug-in, solar and battery-powered electric fence chargers and has the longest lasting low impedance technology. These fence energizers are used to keep dairy cows, cattle and livestock in, and predators out. Power Wizard designs are setting new industry standards for high performance under the toughest of conditions. Backed by a three-year warranty, the complete line of Power Wizard fence chargers is guaranteed to work regardless of weather or ground conditions making it the selection of choice for hobby farmers and cattle ranchers alike. Read More

AgraTronix – Owner of Farmcomp

AgraTronix also owns and operates Farmcomp in Helsinki, Finland. Farmcomp is a leading manufacturer of electronic moisture sensing instrumentation and electric fencing systems throughout Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. The consortium of AgraTronix and Farmcomp has evolved into a global leader in the fields of electronic moisture sensing instrumentation and electric fencing systems.

Farmcomp Building

AgraTronix First Research and Development Project Leads to a Customer Driven Engineering Company

AgraTronix Purchased the Grain Tester Manufacturer “Skuttle” in 1982

Before AgraTronix bought the tiny company named Skuttle in 1982, all operations were located in a small house in Canfield, Ohio. Soldering and assembly was performed in the living room/dining room, storage in the bedrooms, packing in kitchen and shipping out the back door. The company made one product, a hand-held moisture tester for grain, which they called the Skuttle Moisture Tester. The original Skuttle was a simple analog electronic circuit wired to a couple of aluminum plates in a square, wood box. Testing was a complicated, multi-step procedure. Grain to be tested was poured into a slot between the metal plates. The appropriate metal dial plate with markings for moisture percent for the grain type being tested was mounted under a knob. The knob was turned to adjust an analog meter to its lowest reading. At this point, the knob pointed to the correct moisture on the metal plate.

“Customers wanted a more user-friendly product with a straightforward, direct, digital readout. If we could manage this, our company would be off to a great start. Our engineers were able to redesign the tester’s electronics to provide customers what they wanted. The original Skuttle tester was replaced by our digital Moisture Master. Customers loved the new model. That was the beginning of our customer-driven, engineering company.”