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AgraTronix Welcomes Paul Taylor to the Sales Force

STREETSBORO, OHIO (March 11, 2014) – AgraTronix is pleased to announce a new Regional Sales Representative. Paul Taylor


Paul Taylor has joined the AgraTronix team from Gallagher and is bringing
a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.  Paul is a Power Fence
professional that was raised in the livestock and equine industry.  He started
out early in life with 4-H, FFA and junior rodeo. A farrier by trade, he got
involved in raising and training competitive endurance horses before making
the transition to current passion of Tennessee Walking Horses.

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NEW Ag-MAC PLUS Grain Moisture Tester with Test Weight Product Video

AgraTronix is pleased to share with you our latest product video, the Ag-MAC PLUS.





NEW 30100 AG-MAC PLUS Grain Moisture Tester with Test Weight

AG-MACSTREETSBORO, OHIO (August 30, 2013) – AgraTronix known as the leader in hand held moisture testers has introduced the Ag-MAC PLUS grain moisture tester with test weight.  

The non-compaction Ag-MAC PLUS unit features a direct readout for 20 different grains without pre-weighing, at the touch of a button.  Within seconds, the unit provides the moisture level and test weight. The unit also features a backlit LCD display, no-spill technology with a patented swiper arm and a heavy-duty carrying case with strap. “ Farmers want accuracy and reliability and we continue to bring this to our products at an affordable price” says Vice President of Sales Deidra Roberts. Read More



05100 MT-PRO+ Portable Grain Moisture Tester

Electric Fence NettingSTREETSBORO, OHIO (December 19, 2012) – AgraTronix has unveiled the much anticipated MT-PRO+ 05100 Portable Grain Moisture Tester. The MT-PRO+ features a direct readout for 40 different grain scales for high moisture grain up to 40%. The grain meter accurately indicates the above limit and below limit moisture values for farmers working to preserve the value of their crops and ensure that their grain sells for what it is worth.

The new MT-PRO+ stands apart from its predecessor with its many advantages including a USB port for personalization (adding user name), grain scale, firmware and diagnostic updates. The MT-PRO+ has a new, large, 2.5 in. LCD screen with selectable large or standard size fonts. The screen displays the active function and allows the user to scroll up or down through the numbered grain scales with ease. Read More

Selecting an Energizer for Your Ranching Needs

Farmers and ranchers have selected the electric fence solution when it comes to containing their cows, horses and other livestock because it is an affordable and safe alternative to barbed wire. Fence chargers are also used to keep predators, like feral pigs, wolves and bear, out of fenced-in areas. The short pulse of electric current that is delivered when the cow or cattle connects with the electric wire is just enough to keep them from trying to break through the fence. Farmers and ranchers need to select a fence charger that will deliver enough power to consistently provide the electric pulse necessary regardless of the size of the fenced area, the type of cow or cattle or the ground conditions surrounding the fence. Installing the wrong type of fence charger can lead to:

  • Inconsistent delivery of electric shock
  • Inadequate strength of the electric shock that is delivered
  • Injury of livestock
  • Cows, cattle and other livestock damaging the fence
  • Lack of electrical current in an area with heavy weeds or consistent power outage

NEW Portable, Versatile and Sturdy Electric Fence Netting

PN120 Portable Electric Fence Netting by Power Wizard Shock Technology

Electric Fence Netting

STREETSBORO, OHIO (October 17, 2012) – Calling all poultry farmers! Do you have a need to build an instant electric fence pasture or enclosure to protect your livestock but need something that is quick and easy to setup and convenient to store when not in use? If so, you’re in luck. Power Wizard’s NEW PN120 Electric Fence Netting has a simple, lightweight design that allows for easy setup in practically any location. When not in use, the netting can be stored in the barn, shed or garage with its handy bundle and tie design. When installed, the Power Wizard PN120 Electric Fence Netting safely keeps your poultry, sheep, goats and other small animals contained and free from predators. Read More

Now Available At Select TSC Stores And
Coming Soon With Tractor Supply Online.

Maximizing the use of Electronic Grain Moisture Testers
for Greater Profits


This season’s precious grain harvest needs to be checked for moisture content before it can be sold for a profit, as every farmer knows. Moisture has the ability to cripple a whole year’s worth of harvest if it is not checked from time to time. In fact, ignoring such a critical issue it can actually lead to –

  • Additional costs if the harvested grain is wetter than is acceptable and needs to be dried before it can be sold.
  • Loss of value for dried grain since it has to be sold for less than its marketable value.
  • Spoiling the grain if it happens to be wet and is stored under low temperatures or drying bins.
Needless to say, a grain moisture tester is invaluable when it comes to preserving the value of your crop and ensuring that it sells for what it is worth. Read More at the Farm & Livestock Directory website under Equipment Talk

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